Triangles Mosaic Crochet Pattern

 Mosaic Crochet Pattern

This free crochet pattern is for creating Triangles using mosaic crochet technique. This pattern can be used to make a single row of triangles or continuous rows of triangles for you project. This pattern includes instructions on how to make custom sizes so you can make scarves, sweaters, skirts, etc. along with instructions for standard bed size blankets and afghans.

Tools I use:
5.5 mm crochet hook- I'm having trouble finding the 5.50 online but you can go one size up or down if you can't find one.
Boye Hook Set- Ergonomic
Stitch marker- is helpful in finding the first single crochet of each row.

Large needle- Upholstery needle works.
Titanium Scissors
"I love this yarn" by Hobby Lobby- scroll down to choose different colors after clicking on the link. Yarn washes very well and does not pill or look old and warn after many washings. Very soft! 
Crafters Secret Yarn- Bargain yarn but not as soft.

Video tutorial for Triangles Mosaic Pattern Right handed

Video tutorial for Triangles Mosaic Pattern Left Handed


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