Best Entry Way Rug

Best rug for entryway is a crochet rag rug. The dirt gets trapped under the rug until you are ready to sweep it up and the rug can be tossed in the washer and dryer. I would use an industrial washer and dryer maybe take it to a laundry mat if the rug is big and heavy.
  🤔How I keep the rugs from slipping?
I buy the rubber shelf liners at the Dollar Tree. I wash them out in the sink every month and let air dry. They work really well for me. I just cut them down to size so it fits under the rug. I lay it down on the floor and place the rug on top. The floor needs to be dust free when you first put it down so it can grip onto the floor. Then once a month I clean the rugs and floors.😊

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