Crochet Lariat Towel Holder

 Tools I used:

2 ponytail holders
5.50 mm Boye hook
Acrylic weight 4 yarn
Large Needle

Cast onto the first ponytail holder
 with a sc. Put as many single 
crochet around the holder 

Ch 17 to form a middle section.
 For a shorter hanger ch 5-10.

Cast on with sc on the second ponytail holder, Put as many sc around
 the holder as possible, Sl st to beg st,

 1sc in each ch, 
sl st onto first holder. Sl st into the
 next st on holder, Ch 1,
 Sc back onto middle section, 
1 sc in each st on middle section.
 Work your way back to second holder.

Sl  st onto second holder. Sl st into 
next st on holder. Ch 1, Sc back
 onto middle section, 1 sc into each st on middle section.

Sl st onto first ponytail holder 
ch 1 cut yarn leaving 2" tail 
weave and sew into work.

Learn to crochet lariat towel  holder video!

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